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Looking for a reliable and eco-friendly e-waste solution in San Antonio? Look no further than San Antonio Electronic Recycling. As the premier choice for responsible electronics recycling, we’re committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the secure disposal of your electronic devices.


Electronics Recycling, Done Right

Make a Positive Impact on the Environment and Protect Your Data

We take data security seriously. That’s why we offer secure electronics recycling services that protect the environment and your confidential information. You can trust us to responsibly dismantle and recycle your old electronics while safeguarding your privacy.

Electronics Recycling

Our certified recycling services ensure that obsolete and end-of-life electronics are not sent to landfills. We handle transportation and proper disposal, so you can feel good knowing that you're making a positive impact on the environment.

Data Security & Data Destruction

Our hard drive and data destruction service offers peace of mind by permanently and irrecoverably erasing your sensitive information. You can trust us to handle your data with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Asset Recovery

Our asset recovery service offers a responsible solution that helps you recover value from old electronics by finding new uses for their components. We handle your asset recovery needs with care, reducing e-waste and saving you money.


We offer comprehensive IT asset disposition and management services that prioritize data protection and compliance. Our expert team uses industry-leading techniques to securely retire and dispose of assets minimizing risk.

Reverse Logistics

We believe in a holistic approach to equipment management. Our services encompass every aspect of the equipment lifecycle, from warehousing and logistics to revenue generation on old and end-of-life electronics.

Procurement Services

Our procurement services help you streamline your processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. We help you identify the right solutions for your business, disposing of financial and legal burdens that impede transparency and ROI.

Solar Panel Recycling

Our solar panel recycling service helps you reduce waste and promote a circular economy. We responsibly dismantle and recycle old solar panels, reclaiming valuable materials such as silicon, aluminum, and copper.

Compliance Assistance

We offer compliance assistance services to help you stay updated with the latest regulations at the local and federal levels. From understanding reporting requirements to ensuring proper documentation, we make compliance easy and stress-free.

Certified Recycle E-Waste in San Antonio

Recycling electronic waste is crucial for protecting the environment and safeguarding sensitive information. When disposed of improperly, electronic devices can release hazardous materials into the soil and water.

Additionally, e-waste often contains private data that can be vulnerable to cyber threats.

Certified electronic waste recycling ensures that your devices are safely dismantled and valuable materials are recovered for future use, reducing the need for new resources.

Choose responsible e-waste disposal to minimize environmental harm and protect your personal data.


Why Choose Us?

Looking for an eco-friendly and secure way to dispose of your old electronics? San Antonio Electronic Recycling has got your back. We provide reliable and responsible e-waste recycling services that protect both the environment and your sensitive data. Trust us to safely and ethically recycle your electronics for a cleaner, greener future.

Responsible E-Waste Disposal

San Antonio Electronic Recycling, we prioritize responsible e-waste disposal practices. Our strict protocols ensure compliance with all laws and industry best practices, minimizing environmental damage and promoting sustainability.

Ironclad Data Disposal

San Antonio Electronic Recycling prioritizes your data security. Our comprehensive measures guarantee the complete wiping of all data from devices before resale or recycling, offering you full assurance.

Convenient Recycling Options

We offer a variety of convenient options for electronic recycling to meet your needs. Whether you prefer drop-off locations, pick-up services, or on-site recycling events, choose the option that works best for you.

Competitive Pricing for Electronics

Maximize the value of your electronics with our competitive pricing options. We ensure fair market value and work with you to find the best price for your electronic devices.


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